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Our Services

Online Orders of Raw African Spice and Food


Customers will be able to place orders for African spices online and get it delivered in less than 1 hour or better still pick it up themselves immediately.Stop busing or driving to buy African Spices when you can just place the order online and we deliver it at your place.

We Cater for events like birthdays, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, meetings and graduation parties. We also accommodate dine and take-out services. 

Bulk orders and Catering Services

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Monthly Meal Plans for Students


We take the responsibility from you and deliver the food daily, weekly or monthly at a price cheaper than what the student would have spent preparing it. So doing, students can concentrate on studying while we take care of their feeding 

Everyone will be able to use our banquet hall for their birthday, meetings and other celebrations for barely nothing. All food and drinks will be supplied so customers can concentrate on enjoying their events.


Hall Rentals/Event Hosting

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